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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Audio Recording

Hey guys, been a little too quiet around these parts as of late.  Things are gearing up again though as we begin the arduous process of recording and getting all the audio ready for animation.  After spending a couple days working on getting everything ready (studio built, files cleared, computers readied) we finally began recording today!!

Using the space at hand, we set up the studio in my brother's room.  He's at college so won't care...  Although Caleb seems to be having some misgivings about this whole recording process.

Caleb recording the voice for George - using a flashlight because the computer screen was too dark, or something.

Getting into character.

Directing from the other side of the curtain, trying to figure out what I was stuck with such crazy actors.

And that wraps up day 1 of recording!  Hopefully we'll have more updates for you soon.

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